Melting performance.

Braiins OS is the very first fully open-source, Linux based system for cryptocurrency embedded devices. Now enabling AsicBoost. Finally, you know exactly what’s running on your device, have the ability to customize it in any way and benefit from major functionality tweaks enabled by a continuous development and updates.

For Individual Miners

Early releases are great for miners that like open source and diving deep into tech. Flash it, explore the features and let us know what you think!

For Mining Farms

Enabled AsicBoost can bring your currently unprofitable farm back and prolong its economic life. However, be cautious and stage the rollouts carefully. If unsure, please, send us a message.

Cryptocurrency avant-garde

Say goodbye to backdoors, closed systems and “hidden features”. Braiins OS is completely open-source and transparent. The code is available to anyone to understand, audit and verify. And of course, you are invited to build on top of it.

Seamless Firmware Updates

Braiins OS firmware is distributed as a standard OPKG package. Flash the image once, effortlessly update after.

Standard Linux Distribution

The project is built on top of a proven open-source embedded Linux distribution OpenWrt, which enables great extensibility and future improvements.

Broad Device Support

Currently Braiins OS supports Antminer S9 and DragonMint T1. Support for more devices to come, including images built for SBCs including Bitcoin & Lightning software.

Customization Friendly

Would you like to start hacking the firmware on your own? We have prepared a simple build tool that can configure and build a suitable image.

Miner Functionality

As a proper mining firmware, Braiins OS is able to monitor hardware and its working conditions, handle errors and provide various performance data.

AsicBoost Enabled

Don't pay for more electricity than you really need. With overt AsicBoost support, energy consumption can be lowered by up to 20%.

Download and Install

With the initial release, we provide support for the most popular mining devices and will be adding more with future updates. The most up to date factory transitional firmware image is always in the repository, along with the relevant quick start guide.2018-09-22-0-853643de
see what's new

Factory transitional images are signed by GPG key with following fingerprint:
210C 54F2 DED0 F605 F54A 0A8F 51B0 9A57 616D 9548
The full GPG key is available on
The braiins OS distribution itself uses standard package signing scheme
as implemented by OpenWrt. The public key is available on
Please beware that this is the first public (alpha) release that has not been tested on a large scale. Use at your discretion.

Slush Pool Integration

Braiins OS is made by Braiins, company that has been developing and operating Slush Pool for years. You are free to use the OS for mining on any pool you wish, however, using Braiins OS with Slush Pool will provide you with the best possible integration and support.


Create Slush Pool account.

Sign-up with your e-mail address and pick your username. You can of course use your existing account, if you already have one.


Configure your device.

Braiins OS is preconfigured to connect to Slush Pool. Just fill in your user name (and optionally worker name) and you are ready to go. See the getting started guide for more details.


Watch the hash rate flow!

To see your device at work, go to Slush Pool and enjoy the advanced features such as worker management and device monitoring.

In case you have questions...

Why did we decided to come up with this project?

We (Braiins, the company operating Slush Pool) were being regularly asked by our users about various mining firmware issues. Eventually, this lead us to think that we should extend our software stack. Along with providing mining endpoints, we now also provide custom firmware for some of the major mining hardware devices.

How does the firmware utilize AsicBoost?

Braiins OS use over (version-rolling) AsicBoost in accordance with BIP310. For Antminer S9, this is currently done using the bitstream provided by the manufacturer. However, our goal is to switch to our custom open-source bitstream as soon as possible.

What Antminer S9 flavors are supported?

All S9 models (S9, S9i, S9j) are supported, however, the amount of possible variations is rather high. Initially, for this reason we recommend testing our SD card images first. Once you are confident that the firmware operates according to your expectations, you can apply factory transitional firmware images.

Can I overclock my S9?

Yes, you can now change the clock frequency and voltage in the miner GUI, even per chain.

What DragonMint T1 flavors are supported?

There are many flavors of these devices. We currently exclusively support devices with Xilinx based control boards. The bitstream is fully opensource. Initially, we recommend testing our SD card images. Once you are confident that the firmware operates according to your expectations, you can apply factory transitional firmware images.

What are factory transitional firmware images?

These are the images published on GitHub that are intended to upgrade your device from original factory firmware to Braiins OS. This needs to be done only once.

How can I verify integrity and authenticity of the factory transitional binary firmware images that you provide?

All factory transitional images are signed with GPG. The GPG key (fingerprint 210C 54F2 DED0 F605 F54A  0A8F 51B0 9A57 616D 9548) is uploaded to a set of GPG servers. The Linux distribution has a standard package signature verification. The ED25519 public key is contained in every installed firmware image. We publish the public key used for signing the transitional firmwares as well as the package repositories. The key is available on Slush Pool that we have been operating for the past five years.

What’s coming next?

We want to see initial reactions of the users and their experience with the distribution. A short term goal is to polish the support for the above two devices. We also have in mind other parts of the Bitcoin ecosystem. These include Bitcoin & Lightning Network nodes.

Is this project LEDE or OpenWrt based?

LEDE has forked off OpenWrt about one year ago. The developers have decided to remerge the project back to OpenWrt so that it stands unified under OpenWrt brand. We have started the project at the time when LEDE looked like to be the future for embedded Linux distributions. Our plan is to update the Braiins OS to the latest OpenWrt release.

Can I downgrade Braiins OS to previous versions?

Braiins OS image allows upgrade/downgrade by standard packaging means since a firmware release is represented as a package installed in the system. If you are not happy with the latest release, just downgrade ‘firmware’ package. Details are provided in user guide.

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