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Braiins OS is the very first fully open-source, Linux based system for cryptocurrency embedded devices. Finally, you know exactly what’s running on your device, have the ability to customize it and enjoy significant power saving and performance improvements.



With overt AsicBoost enabled by default, you can be really sure that you do not spend more than you really have to. ‍

(*on Antminer S9)


Install and update Braiins OS on your farm quickly and efficiently using the provided scripts. We use the standard opkg package system to facilitate fast and hassle-free updates.


Per chain frequency and voltage control allows you to tweak the performance an squeeze even more out of your devices.


Lots of performance data are available on the status page and ready to be pulled through the miner API. Have a perfect overview of what is going on.


With Bitcoin mining being highly competitive lately, AsicBoost can make the real difference between making and losing money. Make your farm profitable again!

9¢ / 1 kWh
Energy expenses
Firmware without AsicBoost
$ 29 160 / day
with AsicBoost
$ 25 358 / day


Braiins OS is currently available for Antminer S9 and DragonMint T1 with support for more devices to come. The most up to date factory transitional firmware image is always available in the repository, along with the relevant quick start guide.

All images are signed by GPG key with following fingerprint:

210C 54F2 DED0 F605 F54A 0A8F 51B0 9A57 616D 9548

The full GPG key is available on slushpool.com


Why did we decide to come up with this project?

We (Braiins, the company operating Slush Pool) were being regularly asked by our users about various mining firmware issues. Eventually, this lead us to think that we should extend our software stack. Along with providing mining endpoints, we now also provide custom firmware for some of the major mining hardware devices.

How does the firmware utilize AsicBoost?

Braiins OS use over (version-rolling) AsicBoost in accordance with BIP310. For Antminer S9, this is currently done using the bitstream provided by the manufacturer. However, our goal is to switch to our custom open-source bitstream as soon as possible.

Is Braiins OS compatible with farm management/monitoring tools?

We have collaborated with Awesome Miner and minerstat to ensure compatibility with these management tools. As for other tools, we are not really sure since it depends on many factors. We are, however, exploring this field further.

What Antminer S9 flavors are supported?

All S9 variants (S9, S9i, S9j) are supported, however, the amount of possible variations is rather high. Initially, for this reason we recommend testing our SD card images first. Once you are confident that the firmware operates according to your expectations, you can apply factory transitional firmware images.

How does S9 overclocking works?

You can change the clock frequency and voltage in the miner GUI, even per chain. If you don't change anything, chips will follow the factory calibration constants for optimal (safe) performance.

What DragonMint T1 flavors are supported?

There are many flavors of these devices. We currently exclusively support devices with Xilinx based control boards. The bitstream is fully open-source. Initially, we recommend testing our SD card images. Once you are confident that the firmware operates according to your expectations, you can apply factory transitional firmware images.

What are factory transitional firmware images?

These are the images published on GitHub that are intended to upgrade your device from original factory firmware to Braiins OS. This needs to be done only once.

How can I verify integrity and authenticity of Braiins OS?

The bOS Linux distribution (OpenWrt based) uses standard package signature verification based on ED25519 elliptic curve. This mechanism is independent of the GPG key used ONLY for the transitional images. Once bOS is installed, the Linux distribution maintains its integrity by allowing installing only updates signed by this ED25519 key. The ED25519 public key is contained in every installed firmware image. We publish the public key used for signing the bOS package repositories on slushpool.com that we have been operating for over five years.

What’s coming next?

We want to see initial reactions of the users and their experience with the distribution. A goal is to polish the support for the above two devices and add support for another, primarily popular SHA256 miners for the time being. We also have in mind other parts of the Bitcoin ecosystem. These include Bitcoin & Lightning Network nodes.

Is this project LEDE or OpenWrt based?

LEDE has forked off OpenWrt about one year ago. The developers have decided to remerge the project back to OpenWrt so that it stands unified under OpenWrt brand. We have started the project at the time when LEDE looked like to be the future for embedded Linux distributions. Our plan is to update the Braiins OS to the latest OpenWrt release.

Can I downgrade Braiins OS to previous versions?

Braiins OS image allows upgrade/downgrade by standard packaging means since a firmware release is represented as a package installed in the system. If you are not happy with the latest release, just downgrade ‘firmware’ package. Details are provided in user guide.

Can I change the fan speed?

Yes, the automated fan control can be overridden and fan speed can be set manually. It is also possible to disable the fans completely.

How to update Braiins OS to a new version?

Braiins OS automatically detects availability of a new version and shows an “Upgrade” button. A new version can be installed by few clicks.

Important news!



Made by Slush Pool developers, this software is completely open and free. If you want to support this project and its future development, mine on Slush Pool. :)